Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's official. I survived my first Halloween as a teacher! Our kiddos wore their costumes this morning and we had a costume parade through the other classes! They were BEYOND adorable! I wish I could post pictures of all of them!

Apart from the time our parade took, we actually got quite a bit accomplished today! Of course, I had very low expectations of the kids behavior, so they had nowhere to go but up!

This week, we are learning about animal adaptations. To start off, we read What Do You Do When Something Wants to Eat You. If you have never read this book, you are missing out.
I love Steve Jenkins! He has great nonfiction books! I think I must own like 7 of his books. This one is all about ways animals have adapted to escape predators. My kids loved it-- almost as much as I do! I plan on reading more of his books with my kids during our animal unit. He has one about habitats that we will study next week. Tomorrow, we are going to talk more about camouflage and do a fun activity!

In honor of Halloween today, we did our first opinion writing activity--why my costume is the best! Since it was our first try, I gave them the sentence "I think my costume is the best because..." to finish, and had some of my better writers add more detail. So cute!

I think my costume is the best because it has, blades, a bat, a mask, makeup, wings, and a skirt. Isn't this picture great?! What an artist!

I think my costume is the best because it is from the seventies, and it looks like it was from the seventies. I love kids' spelling!

I think my costume is the best because mine has camouflage, and it has a lot of things that I like. This kid came dressed in full camo today--camo pants, shirt, jacket, gloves, hat, and he even painted his face camo!

Now that my first Halloween is under my belt, I just need to make it through the sugar-high days after Halloween! 

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