Thursday, November 1, 2012

Can You Find My Butterfly?

My kids were the definition of sugar high today. One girl showed me her lunch when she got to school and had like 12 pieces of candy! maybe that's an exaggeration, but it was at least 8. Anyway...the camouflage activity we did today was perfect for them! They had to be super secretive (aka quiet) and got to get up and move around! We had so much fun with it!

First I gave them all a cut-out of a butterfly or a lizard. I would love it if they could cut it themselves, but then it would have been more like camouflage circles and rectangles. They had to pick somewhere in the room that they wanted their animal to blend into. They couldn't tell anyone else, because we were going to try to find them later. They got super into it and all put folders around their work so no one could see it. I love when they get this excited about learning!

After they were all done, we took our butterflies and lizards into the hallway with us, and taped them to the wall, bulletin board, etc. one-by-one so no one knew where it was. This did take a bit of time, but they were so cooperative since they were so excited about it! Then once everyone's was up, we took a few laps around the room to see if we could see any.

Check out some of their hiding places!

There was only one student's that wasn't found. He colored his all black and put it on the trash can! After we were done, we talked about why his was camouflaged the best and what animals camouflage themselves.

Hope everyone survived the Halloween craziness of their kids! One more day until the weekend!

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