Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day

Boy was it a crazy Monday! Between Columbus Day, the fire department coming for fire safety, 
an observation by my principal, and a grade level group project, our class got about half of what we should have 
done. I would love to say that the rest of the week would get better, but with parent conferences and our 
Walk-a-Thon, that probably won't happen. 

On a better note, I was so excited about how well my kids did today on their Columbus activity! We watched a quick video from BrainPop Jr., then talked more about Columbus and what it would have been like to "discover" a country. Then we did a little writing activity about discovering our own country! I only had to tell them to tell me more about twice instead of 5 times, which I loved! And they actually got creative!!

This is Candy Land where it snows all the time.

This student discovered a land called Cowboy. There are lots of cowboys. It's always warm, but there are never tornadoes (proof of an Oklahoman). There are also a lot of wars, but they never lose because they have a good army.

After they wrote, they each got to decorate a Columbus style hat to put at the top. They had a great time thinking about their country! There was also a Chocolate Land, Brownie Land, and a God Land. 

We have lots more to look forward to this week! We are making a fire safety book tomorrow, starting our shark unit Wednesday, and my kiddos could not be more excited for the Walk-a-Thon! Thank goodness fall break is around the corner so I can actually get some sleep!

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