Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yesterday, we learned about contractions! I was totally drawing a blank when trying to figure out a fun activity for my kids to do with contractions. But then I found this precious idea over at The First Grade Parade. Adorable!

We did contraction surgery! They loved it! I gave them note cards with two words written on them. They had to figure out which letters the apostrophe replaced and heal them with the band aids!

I honestly feel like anything that involves them getting to play with band aids would be a hit. Band aids are just about as popular as "hanitizer" in my room.

Before our activity, we reviewed this anchor chart together and listed some more contractions that weren't on our chart.

I was so impressed and happy at how quickly they caught onto contractions! All day today, they were finding contractions in our reading. I love it when they connect things together like that!

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