Tuesday, October 30, 2012

50th Day and Halloween Writing

Today was our 50th day of school! I cannot believe it! It is going by so fast. Before I know it, we will be celebrating our 100th day! We did a few fun activities today to celebrate our 50th day. We did a writing activity--I wish I had 50... Their responses were so  cute!
I wish I had 50 little brothers.

I wish I had 50 dollars.

There was 50 babies, 50 Halloween costumes (so they could get more candy and they wouldn't notice it was the same kid!), and 50 puppies. I love when they get creative!

Then they drew pictures of what they look like now and what they think they will look like when they're 50.

I guess this girl thinks she will already be a blue-haired old lady at 50 :)

We also finished up a how-to make a jack o' lantern writing activity that we started yesterday. We did our how-to a few weeks ago and described how to make a craft that we had done. They did so much better their second time! I was so proud!

Their jack o' lanterns turned out so cute! There were some small, some big, some smiling, and some that looked scary!

Today, we took our first stab at writing conferences. We typically do mini ones whenever they do a writing activity. They will bring me their "completed" paper, and we will talk about it together and decide what could be better. Today, I discussed their journals with them while they were working on their other writing activities. We looked at multiple of their journal entries. Then we picked out one thing they were doing well, one thing they needed to work on, and set some goals for the next conference. For now, I plan to conference with each student once a week. We'll see how it goes!

Any writing conference suggestions from those more experienced? I'm always up for a helpful hint!

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