Friday, October 5, 2012

Nonsense Word Tic-Tac-Toe and Adorableness

I posted once before about playing tic-tac-toe with nonsense words, and I finally remembered to take a picture! The kids LOVE this game. And after Dibeling them this week, it's helping them too! They made so much progress!

This game is super basic. The kids pick a word, read it, and mark it with an X or O. If they don't say the word correctly, they don't get to make a mark that turn. Anything with dry erase markers and those tiny erasers have the kids completely engaged! (And I've found that taking away the little eraser is an extremely effective consequence.)

Later this afternoon, we drew letter pictures. Each student got a paper with a letter, and had to draw a picture of a word with that letter, and incorporate their letter into the picture. Let me just say--adorable.

I like to ride my four wheeler.

This octopus's name is October.

I have an animal. The giraffe is getting an x-ray.

Happy Friday!

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