Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

I'm sorry...what? It's September?! Did August even happen? 

It has been deathly hot outside lately. Highs of near 100. Gross. So I am taking my relaxing, no-schedule morning to enjoy some sun and outside time that doesn't end in needing multiple showers.

How much do you love 3 day weekends?! I can get so much done! And an extra day to sleep later than the sun is always nice too!

I did actually go up to school yesterday and got a ton of things done--things that I never want to do during school hours or after school when I'm just ready to put my feet up. 
I ordered more book boxes like these so all of mine would match, and they finally came in! Now our class library is beautiful, organized, and matches! I was also able to organize a ton of files and activities that I had been putting off since last year! Now if only I could do some of that organizing at my own house...

Who doesn't want 3 day weekends every weekend? I know they make me a much happier teacher come Tuesday morning!

Our district opted to not purchase Accelerated Reader this year. Not a big deal at all, but you would think they had decided to stop paying us by some reactions. So, we have been brainstorming something to do school-wide to encourage reading. Any suggestions?

Love Yourself Spot
1. Read a book. Not school related! I never seem to find time to do this during the school year.
2. Pamper myself! Massage? Mani/pedi? I actually got a manicure yesterday. But that was before I decided on this goal, so I'm not going to count it! :)
3. Join a gym! This has been on my list for a while, and I just haven't done it. I will this month!

Happy Labor Day!

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  1. I agree that a 3 day weekend every week would be great!!
    Isn't it funny how teachers want accepting and changing students but we are so resistant to change ourselves!!