Monday, August 26, 2013

No, David!

Well, I have one full week plus a few extra days under my belt. And at some point everyday, I still feel like it is day 1. My group this year is not quite as good as listening as my class was last year. Say a prayer that they get better soon! 

Because of this, I have had to spend soooo much more time on practicing walking in the halls, practicing walking into our room, and practicing sitting in groups. This class just isn't quite there yet. I tried out a new activity that I am hoping will do some good! After reading some David books, we discussed being "peacemakers" and "peacebreakers." Then we made this ADORABLE craft from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. I love how they turned out!
One put his David in sunglasses "because he's famous."
Another made her David a girl!

This week, we are doing some fun alphabet book activities from my ABC book unit!
Hopefully I will be back with pictures from it later this week! 

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