Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs

It's Teacher Week! I'm joining in today to give you a little peek into my classroom!
I thought that getting my room ready this year might be easier and take less time than last year...but that was not at all the case. Oh well! I had lots of things that I wanted to change and I am so happy with how it turned out!
My welcome sign leading into my room! It's a freebie on TpT!
(I hate that glare. Darn lamination.) 

Here is the view from the back corner of my room--by the only window.

Standing in the doorway. You can see my Ten Frame Number Posters above my calendar board!

Here is my small group table/teacher table. My goal this year was to get rid of my desk altogether and just have a "teacher table," but I wasn't able to get rid of my desk. So instead, I just stuck it in the back corner!

I am in love with the plastic gutter that is hanging on that wall! I have a cousin you taught 1st grade and she gave me so many goodies, including that gutter! For now, I am planning on displaying read alouds on it.

This is my desk in the back corner. I'm sure it will just collect junk things I will need at some point during the year. And adorable chairs for the kids to sit in while they read!

Looking from my small group table. I have yet to add clips to my writing process chart! Oops!

My library! My book collection is easily double the size of what it was last year. I like this so much more than last year!

I ordered these baskets from Really good stuff, but obviously I didn't order enough! I am waiting on more to come in so everything will match! My life would be so much easier (and less expensive) if everything didn't have to match.

Do your kids get as confused by book jackets as mine do? For real. You would think I had asked them to perform brain surgery when I ask them to put a book jacket on. I hated to just throw them away (they are so pretty!) so why not display them?! I love it!

And I am so happy with how my Dr. Seuss canvases turned out!

It "looks" like I am all ready for the first day! Or at least to meet my new kiddos tonight! Now if I only had time to decorate and plan...


  1. I love your room! YES- life would be cheaper if everything didn't have to match... too bad it does ;) Your room looks SO inviting- like a home away from home! Thanks for sharing!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. Thank you so much! That's exactly what I was going for!

  2. Your room looks terrific! I love your welcome sign (Thanks for sharing it!) and your class library!

  3. Wow, what a cute and adorable room. Love your Welcome Banner, too. Thanks for sharing it. I'm your newest follower on TpT.