Monday, September 30, 2013

Math Centers

Another teacher and I were talking a few days ago about how we really were not happy with how our math was going. Our students did not seem as engaged and we just weren't able to get as much done in our scheduled time as we would have liked. Then I realized, if our literacy centers went so smoothly and we accomplished so many things, why not do the same thing with math?! It seemed like a simple idea. So simple I should have thought about it before!

Well my class tried it today. It was awful. Absolutely terrible.
I was actually expecting it to go fairly well. I structured our centers exactly like I structure our literacy centers. Same rules, same expectations. But still--absolutely awful. Worse than the first day of our literacy centers! It was like I had 1st day kinders!

We are going to try it again tomorrow. Many prayers are being said tonight that it goes better! Any suggestions? What works best for your class?


  1. Wow I hate to hear that that happened....I did math groups last year and LOVED it. This year I'm doing math groups in the afternoon and literacy groups in the morning. Tomorrow will be the first day that it is all implemented. Not sure what kind of advice to give you....hmm...
    Try again tomorrow and hopefully it'll work better. Maybe it was because it was just totally new to them?? Good luck!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. Have you read Debbie Diller's Math Stations? Lots of good advice in that book! Start with games you have already played and some exploration stations and you moving through the room and not 'being' a rotation until a few successful days worth. BABY STEPS!!! Only do it for a couple rotations and then bring them back and 'talk' about what was good and what they needed to work on. (Be SURE to FIND the good...) Stick with it - it will work!!!

  3. I use BUILD for my math workshop. My kids love it and it's not a lot of prep work for me. They work independently or with a partner and I am able to see small groups daily. Check out my blog to find out more:

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