Sunday, March 10, 2013

Measurement and Educents

This week was filled with measurement for my class! Most of my kiddos got it right away, but I had a few that struggled with not leaving gaps between the cubes, paperclips, or whatever they were measuring with. I had one student who would put one block at one end and one block at the other, so everything he measured was 2 blocks! I knew I needed to do something to help them. So we did a little hands feet on activity!

I put two strips of tape across the floor in the hallway, and we used our feet to find out how long out space was! This made much more sense to my struggling kids, since they had to make their heel touch their toes.

Now on to the really exciting stuff! There is a new site, Educents, coming in April that is like Groupon for teachers! You will get deals on things like e-books, software, and more! How did no one think of this before?! Genius. Click here to get signed up! The best part, if you sign up before they launch April 2, you will get $15 to spend!


  1. Thank you for becoming my newest follower! I teach in a little town called Augusta that is halfway between Little Rock and Memphis.

    I love how you didn't give up and thought of another way to help your struggling students!

    Thinking Out Loud

    1. Thank you! And thank you for being my newest follower!