Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MLK and Place Value

This week, despite multiple sicknesses, we have been having lots of fun with Martin Luther King, Jr. and place value! Yesterday, we had 6 kids absent from our class and a quarter of our school gone! Let's just say we are cleaning our desks about 3 times a day.

Yesterday, we started a KWL chart on Martin Luther King, or Marthin Luther as he is better known as in our class. We read a little info about him on PebbleGo (a great site for nonfiction reading!). Today, we listened to part of his "I Have a Dream" speech, then discussed what our dreams for the world are. They came up with some great answers!

{I have a dream that no one will bully and no throwing rocks. I hope they do it.}

{I have a dream that the earth would be cleaner, and no more drugs around anymore!}
I loved this picture. People from all over the world holding hands. This one always blows me away with her pictures!

I love how amazed they were that people were treated so differently in the past. Their little minds just don't see any differences in people.

We have also been wrapping up some work on place value. Today, we played a super easy review game that they absolutely loved! I printed some sheets of paper that said either "one" or "ten" last week because I'm always prepared this morning. I gave one to each kiddo. Then, I picked one student to make a number using our ones and tens friends.

 They loved it! It was a great way to review before our assessment coming up.

This short week is flying by! But I have a feeling that might mean next week with drag on...


  1. Lol... So many of my good ideas come last minute or on the spot and I end up chicken scratching items for a lesson on paper from the recycling bin!

    I'm teaching place value this week too! Ill have to borrow your idea! :-)

    1. I have found that about most of my good ideas too!