Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Writing Process Clip Chart

Today, I introduced this new clip chart to our class.

We have been hitting writing hard this year, and they are absolutely in love with it! I added this to help me have a better idea of what my kids are working on and to help the kiddos know what their process should be. They are responsible for clipping themselves up and down the process. We have been using words like brainstorm, draft, revise, edit, and publish throughout the year, but I am hoping that this visual will help to lock in the concepts.

The best part--it was really easy to make! I originally wanted to use yellow and pink rolled paper, but my school just happened to be out of both. So on to plan B--construction paper! I printed the pages below onto clear vellum from Hob Lob (I love that place!).

Download the Google Doc here!

 {I included the "I" statements in the process to remind the kiddos what they should be doing when they are at that part of the writing process.}

I glued the pieces of (trimmed) yellow and pink paper together, glued the vellum, and laminated it! Viola! The kids were all about this today! I love seeing them so excited about learning!

What does writing look like in your room?

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