Monday, January 14, 2013

Snowman Management and Writing

Our class had quite the surprise when we returned from Christmas break. I have posted before about our fishbowl management, which the kids loved! But when we came back, this is what we found!

I was definitely a little bummed to see it had been totally emptied, but I took it as a reason to try something new! 

Enter our new classroom snowman!

For every time our class gets a compliment in the hallway, has a good report from specials, or is just have a good day in our room, we add a piece to the snowman. He already got his hat put on on our first day! I'm hoping to do more like this and change for the month, season, or holiday.

We also started our unit on snow this week! Today, we read The Best Snowman.

Now this was not the book I had originally wanted to use for this lesson, but the other one was not available at the library. This one ended up working out perfectly!

After I read the book aloud, my kiddos wrote about what they think is the best snowman.

This one is a basketball playing snowman!

This is a teeny tiny snowman, so you can save it in the freezer and collect them!

I am so excited for the other snow activities we have planned for this week, including a science activity the kids will love!

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