Wednesday, January 30, 2013

100th Day!

Today, we enjoyed a day full of 100 fun! And we had a blast! There were so many things that I wanted to do that just couldn't get done, but we still had a great day!

We made 100th day hats! I think they turned out adorable! They were a definite hit around school.

We counted beads by 10s to add to our 100th day necklaces.

We had a rather large goal of reading for 100 minutes throughout the day. We didn't quite make it, but we made it to 60 minutes! They have come a long way since the beginning of school when some of them still didn't recognize their letters! I am one proud teacher!

 We also drew pictures of what we might look like when we were 100!

The two circle at the bottom are the wheels to her walker!

Got to love the angel wings! She figured she would be looking down on others as an angel when she was 100.

We also went on a number scavenger hunt, which I did not get any pictures of.

We had such a fun day! I feel like it is such an accomplishment to have a 100th day under my belt!

Happy 100th day!

How does your class celebrate 100 days?

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