Thursday, November 8, 2012

Habitats, Presidents, and Veterans! Oh My!

Boy has this been a busy week! With habitats, Election Day, and Veteran's Day, we are busy first graders! We started this week learning about habitats--we focused on oceans, deserts, savannas, and jungles. We read I See a Kookaburra!, another one of my favorites!

We brainstormed animals and plants that live in those habitats and recorded them in our graphic organizer--my kids new favorite thing!

Later, we talked about living and nonliving things. For the most part, they did really well! With the exception of one student who tried very hard to convince me that rocks are alive. Got to love their enthusiasm!

To reinforce that plants are living things (some were reluctant to believe this), we did a little science experiment! When I told them that we were going to do an experiment this week, they were beyond excited! We put two stalks of celery into colored water and recorded our observations.

After discussing what we were going to do with the celery, we made predictions about what would happen. Then, we let the celery sit in the water overnight and investigated the next day. I took the celery around to each table so they could look closely at the leaves and the bottom of the celery, where the "tunnels" that carry the water to the leaves are darker. I even pulled out the "tunnels" so we could closely compare their color to the stalk of the celery. The kiddos loved it! And I love getting to see the gears working in their little brains. 

To wrap up on habitats today, we wrote about different habitats and what we can find there. The students got to use their graphic organizers to help them organize their writing.

To commemorate the election, the first graders drew portraits of President Obama. This, of course, came with a discussion about respecting and supporting our President, no matter who it is--these kids repeat everything they hear!

They turned out so cute! The ears were my favorite on all of them--so funny! 

And tomorrow is Friday! Praise the Lord! We have a Veteran's Day assembly tomorrow morning, and then we are writing letters to our veterans--should be a fun day!

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