Thursday, November 15, 2012

Animal Research

This week, we are trying to squeeze in the last bit of our animal unit, while also throwing in Thanksgiving activities. My students paired up and researched animals! They were beyond excited. We talked about highlighting important words that we read, and how to organize our research. They had to find out about the animal's habitat, diet, anatomy, and list fun facts! After they took their notes from the computer and books, we took our "notes" and turned them into real sentences. Some of my kiddos are still working on developing the understanding of a sentence. Some combine three sentences and call it one, and a few others think periods should come every two words. I worked with them a little closer to reinforce what a sentence was.

They were working so hard on being good "researchers"!

We will also be turning our research into animal playing cards! All the first graders did research. They are going to put their research onto "playing cards" so they can share with the other kids! I can't wait to see how they turn out!

I only have three teaching days left until Thanksgiving! Thank goodness!

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