Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Fun

Happy Election Day! My firsties will be doing a few different things to celebrate this holiday! Today,  we read If I Ran for President. Then we talked about all the different things the President does and how hard they work. Hearing their responses was so funny! Then we did a writing activity about what it would be like if they were president.
{I'd have a lot of paper work, a lot of calls, and I'd have to live in the White House.}

{I would have a lot of paper work, and I would always make sure that there weren't any drugs anywhere.}

{I would like it a lot. I would make a lot of phone calls and I would give some of my money to others.}
This student didn't get to finish her drawing before I snapped the picture, but she added another guy in sunglasses--they are Secret Service!

Apparently all of my kiddos think the President just does paperwork and talks on the phone! Later this week, we will do portraits of whoever the President is!

We are also spending this week learning about animal habitats! More to come on that later!

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