Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fables, The Polar Express, and a Countdown!

Our first grade team has recently started a new unit (we are following the CCSS pre-made units). This one is Life Lessons. I was a little unsure about how I would feel about this unit, but my kids have been doing so well! We are starting off with fables and finding morals in literature. They struggled a little at first and were extremely literal, but they are finally understanding that they need to think deeper! We have been comparing and contrasting different versions of the stories we read, and they have been making great connections between the two! I love being able to see the progress they making.

Next week, our class is going on a field trip on the Polar Express to visit the North Pole! My kids could not be more excited, even though some of them were really upset to find out that it is a make believe train going to a make believe North Pole. I will be using activities from Erica Bohrer and April Larremore along with our trip. I am probably more excited that the kiddos are!

Click on the pictures to check them out! They are both FREE and awesome!

I have been trying to think of how I want to countdown the days until Winter break with my class! Any suggestions? Do you have a countdown in your room?

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