Thursday, August 8, 2013

Throwback Thursday

It's my first time to link up with Throwback Thursday!
School is sneaking up on me fast--only one week! I have been trying to do things throughout the summer to be ready, but I know crunch time is around the corner! I plan on making lots of changes to the layout of my room this year, so I am throwing back to what it looked like {before the chaos of kids} last year!

Originally posted August 9, 2012

So first off, I feel like it has been YEARS since I posted.  This last week in my room has felt like the biggest whirlwind.  My mom, younger sister, and cousin have been helping me in my room the last few days.

On top of that, my AMAZING sister has been helping everyday that I have been there--even though she gets married in 36 hours! So needless to say, things have been hectic.

But thanks to all of this, my room has gone from this...

to this!

My wonderful sisters helping out!

Now I can focus on curriculum and lessons, aka the reason I am there in the first place! :)

But for now, I will have a weekend of wedding fun, then I can refocus on Monday!

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