Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taming the Wild

I love Teacher Week! So much blogging and idea sharing going on! My first day of school is today (ahh!!) so I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

I posted here this summer about how I was going to give my classroom management a complete makeover this year. I am super excited about this change! I think it will make my classroom an even more positive atmosphere.

This year, I am going to by using warm fuzzies!
My love of vinyl creeps up again!

I have big fuzzies and little fuzzies. My plan right now is to give out the small warm fuzzies, and they can be traded in (5 little=1 big) for a big warm fuzzy. Maybe a big one will be given out every once in a while, but for something really good. Once they collect some, they can be turned in for prizes! I have some small things (erasers, fun pencils, party favor type things), but I really love using Mel D's coupons!

I also inherited this from a teacher who retired last year. I am planning to use this for more things the students should do, but need a little recognition for, like turning in their homework or reading at home. They will write their number in one square, then I will draw a bingo number every few weeks of so, depending on how long it takes to get full-ish. The winner gets a prize! There is also a spot in the middle for a whole class prize!

What are some of your favorite prizes or management techniques?

Happy (my) first day of school!

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