Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elf on the Shelf and Writer's Workshop

Boy has it been a crazy week! I have a million holiday activities that I wanted to do, and there is just no way that we will be able to do them all!

Here is a little look at our Writer's Workshop this week.

I'm sure many of you will think that my timing and sequence are not the most logical--and I agree. Since we are starting about halfway through the year, there are lots of things that we have already touched on, so everything is out of whack.

We talked more about editing this week, so I gave them this checklist to help them! They keep dry erase markers in their table buckets, so they can use these checklists whenever they need to--which they feel like is all the time! They love using these!

We also talked about brainstorming. Of course they wanted to write about Sarah, our classroom elf! They all loved getting to brainstorm, and it really helped them put more detail into their stories!

So we listed things we could write about like 3 weeks ago. But I am way a little behind in school and life, so our anchor chart just got put up today! (I am obviously not an artist, but it will work for first graders!) I am also currently working on about 3 other anchor charts that will hopefully make it to the wall soon!

Now on to the fun stuff--our elf friend, Sarah! When we showed up to school Wednesday, she has hanging upside down from our "chandelier," as my kids like to call it!

She also left notes on some of the kids' desks that had good behavior the day before! I actually had one student who didn't get a note write one to Sarah. She told her that she was sorry she didn't make good enough choices and would try better today! What a sweetheart!!

Today, we came into the room and saw a huge mess! 

Sarah had "spilled" our hundreds chart numbers all over the floor! And she even mixed some of the ones still in the chart up! 

She's so mischievous!

She left us a little note with a classroom challenge--put the numbers back in the hundreds chart without talking! I was a little skeptical about how this would go, but my kiddos did AWESOME! They were very into the not talking thing. The first few rows took us a little bit, but once we got in the swing, it went pretty quick! 

Maybe tomorrow, Sarah will leave us a little treat for working so hard!

Happy almost Friday!

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