Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Countdown and Elf on the Shelf Catch Up

Last week, I posted a countdown to Christmas break in our room (which I found here from The Teacher Wife--love her blog!). My kids LOVED it, so they also made their own to take home. They love getting to come in every morning to tell me how many more days until Christmas. I am also given a little necessary push to get through the day when I see how many days are left until break--only 5 more teaching days!!

Sorry about the glare on the letters. I laminate everything.

Sarah has been quite the active elf lately. Monday, we found Sarah sitting on our flag.

Tuesday, she started the day by napping in our tissue box!

When we came back from lunch, she was sitting at my computer emailing Santa! (Ok, in this picture she is checking out TpT, but she did email Santa right after this!) She emailed him to say that we were so talkative that morning, that she wasn't able to nap, and she didn't think our class deserved the treat Santa sent for them. So their behavior did a 180 after that!

(I didn't realize how dusty my keyboard was until I took this picture. Eww. First thing on my Christmas break work list--clean my classroom!)

Today, Sarah had her best hiding spot yet! It took most of my kids the whole day to find her!

Santa sent Sarah an email back saying to go ahead and give us the treat, so Ms. Cranfill would stop eating them all we would have an incentive to earn another treat! Let's hope that will have some effect on their behavior tomorrow!

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