Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Fun!

This week is full of Christmas fun! Yesterday, we made hot chocolate! We also did a how-to writing activity to go with it (and I failed to get pictures of either). Today, Sarah, our elf, brought us the necessities to make Magic Reindeer Food! We mixed oats, green sugar, red sugar, sprinkles, and glitter.

During my plan, I put it into bags and added this little label with instructions.

I remember before I started teaching and I thought that my plan time would actually be used to plan. Now I look back at that and laugh. How naive I was!

Here's just a little catch up on our friendly classroom elf, Sarah! Today, she read Clifford's Christmas to some of our ocean themed friends! The kids loved talking about how the sea creatures must be able to move when they aren't there too!

It's official--I have survived my first school Christmas party! Not only survived, but it went really smoothly! 

After we enjoyed our treats, we played a few fun games. We had 4 presents that were wrapped a few times. We played Christmas music, then when the music stopped, they took off one layer of paper. At the end, the 4 students that took off the last layer got to keep the present! Before we started, we made some predictions as to what the presents might be. Most guessed right (books), but there was one very optimistic student who thought I had purchased iPads for them! If only he understood money...

We also played this great game that I found here. Totally worth the money! It was a fun way for the kiddos to practice their math facts!

This little beauty was one of the presents I got today from a student! I have eyed these a few times before and was so excited to get one!

Since Friday, I have felt extremely blessed. I tried to be more patient with my kids and love on them just a little more than normal. Most of them have no knowledge of what went on (thank goodness!--they don't need that fear). I did have one student who came to talk to me about it. He came to my desk first thing in the morning and said "Ms. Cranfill, it's really sad what happened in Kentucky." I smiled inside at their little first grade brains, and just responded with "Yes it is very sad." Little moments like that make even the hardest days worth it.


  1. How lucky are you. That is a way nice gift! Your Christmas activities look like so much fun! I love the reindeer food idea. I bet your students LOVED it!
    The Hive
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  2. Your bag is great! It looks like it will be very useful. You are a lucky gal! :)

    Granny Goes to School