Monday, March 3, 2014

No G's!

I went to a writing PD Friday with Matt Glover--and let me just say, it was great!! We started talking about students picking their own topics for writing. A teammate of mine asked how to let them choose, while still making sure they are picking appropriate topics. Another teacher there offered a fantastic idea! Enter the no g's rule!

I love this! They cannot write (or talk or draw) about guts, guns, girlfriends/boyfriends, anything gross, or gore! I am sad to say that some of our firsties have had some issues in the girlfriends/boyfriends area this year, so hopefully this will take care of some of that!

Our district had a snow day today and has another one tomorrow, so I have not actually been able to introduce this new rule to my kids, but I am so excited to use it! Click the picture to go to my TpT store and get it--for free!


  1. I was at the same exact workshop!!! Love the poster. :-)

    1. Such a small bloggy world! Maybe a Oklahoma blogger meet up is necessary?!