Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's March?!?!

I cannot believe it is already March. I am definitely glad, because I am tired of the cold, but the year is flying!

Listening: I love the Olympics! But I am glad that my typical Thursday night full of great TV is back! Grey's. Scandal. Parenthood. I love Thursdays.

Loving: One of the reasons I am so glad it is March--SPRING BREAK! Only a few short weeks away!

Thinking: I have been out a lot lately for PD. All of the 1st grade teachers in our district our taking part in a 4 day training called LETRS, then a group from my school went to hear Matt Glover (loved him!) talk about writing workshop yesterday. My list of summer projects is getting longer and longer!

Wanting: A housekeeper. I always need to clean, but never want to.

Needing: To finish lesson plans! And sub plans! Another day out this week for PD.

????????: What could my secret question be?! The answer: Divergent, warmer weather, and summer!

Happy March!


  1. Divergent, warmer weather, and summer....are these things you are looking forward to?! :)

    I am totally with you on needing a housekeeper...I feel like I can only keep 1 place clean at a time and right now, it's my classroom. :/

    Cute blog!

  2. I think your question is "Thinks you are wanting right now!"

    Ohmygoodness... I am SO HAPPY that Grey's is finally back. How do you feel about Thursday's episode? I am so happy! I loved the end. I can't believe it's March either. We have one week (with an Open House) until SB. I'm hanging on by a thread!!

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    1. That is supposed to say "Things you are wanting", not "Thinks". :)

    2. I loved Thursday's episode! I was completely surprised by the end!

  3. You're right! Things I am looking forward too! But I guess I will have to wait a bit longer...another snow day for me tomorrow!

  4. I am also quite ready for spring break. I hear the sand and sun calling my name.

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