Monday, August 3, 2015

Favorite Guided Readers

I love guided reading time. It is the time during my day when I feel the most productive, am able to give students more individualized attention, and get a clear view of each students strengths and weaknesses.

Now my school does have amazing reading specialists that order great guided reading and small group resources for us. But there are some things that I love so much that I want need to own them myself :) Here's just a few of those resources!

These Brand New Readers are my newest discovery! They are simple, repetitive, predictable stories--and they are soooo funny! There are even directions on how to introduce the text for parents if you choose to send these books home. Perfect for the emergent readers who struggle to find independent texts they find interesting!
And these Scholastic science guided readers! Simple, engaging nonfiction text. You can order them as sets of multiple books or as a set of just one book.
These are also from Scholastic, but better for more independent readers! These Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers are great for teaching nonfiction text features and aligning guided reading with science and social studies. They have some about sports, American symbols, life cycles, weather, community helpers, and more! They also have them in Spanish.

What are your favorite guided reading resources?

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