Monday, July 27, 2015

Art and Max

Let me start by saying I looooooovvvvee David Wiesner. His books are phenomenal. Have you read Mr. Wuffles? It's another one of my favorites.

But, I also love Art & Max. I just discovered this book this summer, and I am so excited to use it! It will be perfect for beginning writing workshop!

When I begin writing workshop, after we spend a bit of time just learning the structure and expectations, I like to do an illustration study. I think this really helps my reluctant and emergent writers feel like they have some tools to help them portray their story to others. So typically we'll learn how to look at the shapes in a picture to make them easier to draw, learn about labels, and putting details into the picture. This is where I plan on using Art & Max.

In Art & Max, Max essentially "erases" Art. Max tries to make him again, but realizes he needs to add some more details to make it look like the real Art. It's a great visual for showing kiddos the importance of those little details!

What are some of your favorite texts to use in writer's workshop?  

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