Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Year Prep

School is soooooo soon! (Thursday is our 1st day back!) I have, of course, been working very hard preparing my room for a group of new kiddos. Which actually means I'm taking everything out of my closets to look at it and then putting it back in the exact same spot, while wasting time talking with the teachers across the hall. And then rushing to get things done in the last few days that I have.

Does anyone else tend to just throw things into random places at the end of the school year? I always find myself stashing things in filing cabinets and lockers and boxes that don't actually belong there. At the time, I tell myself that I will remember exactly where I put everything, buuuuttttttttt, that's not true. Which is why I am reprinting, laminating, and cutting out my math vocab posters.

I have looked everywhere and they are nowhere to be found! I'm sure I will find them (in May) in a student's desk or closet or in the teacher's lounge where I tend to put things down and forget them. 

Maybe this year I will be a little less scatterbrained and a little more organized!
(But let's be real, I've said that every year!)

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