Monday, November 11, 2013

Time Savers

Along with every other teacher out there, I am always looking for a way to save time. Whether it saves 5 minutes or an hour, I am all for it! There are 2 things that I have tried this year that have worked great and saved time!

Before, I have always used Excel for lesson planning. I like Planbook so much more! I can extend lessons that we do everyday, like our morning meeting. I can bump forward lessons that we didn't get to. I can view standards and how many times I have taught each standard. They even had an iPad app, so I can make quick changes anytime! 

2. Remind101
Anyone else tired of sending constant reminders home? I felt like I sent home a reminder note at least once a week last year, on top of my weekly newsletter. Now, I use Remind101. Parents sign up for text message or email reminders. I can send them from my phone or their website. I still send home a weekly newsletter, but no more wasting time to type up and copy any other reminders.

What are your favorite time saving tips?

So many great ideas at this linky! Check back all week for new ideas!

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  1. How have I never heard of this planbook thing?! Looks awesome!!

    Mr. First Grade