Monday, November 4, 2013

November Currently

Am I the most behind or what?! It's November 4 and I am just now getting around to currently. Story of my life right now.
I am a sucker for the housewives. So addictive.

I like to get to school early, so I can actually get some things accomplished before I start chatting. But lately it was been so dark on the way to school! As much as I hate it getting dark at 5:30, I love seeing some hints of the sun on the way to school!

Christmas is soooo soon! I really need to start at least thinking about gifts.

Last week was my first full week after 2 short weeks (thanks fall break!). After only one long/regular week, I am already wanting needing a long weekend.

My motivation to accomplish things after school has become nonexistent. It's really pretty sad. 

Now for my yummy pin!

Biscuit and gravy breakfast casserole. This looks so good! Our staff has a potluck breakfast every month on payday. Too bad my grade level hosted last month! This would be a nice change from the typical egg and sausage casserole.

Happy November!

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