Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Professional Development

Today, our staff had a professional development day while our kids finished up their fall break. Thank goodness for fall breaks, right?!

Well. Am I the only one who feels like 90% of professional development days are a waste of time?! We have had 3 professional days this school year, and each one seems worse than the one before. All I could think about today was the 8 page long to-do list I could have been working on. And how much money was wasted on this day. Ok. Rant over.

Does anyone actually get something out of professional days? What do yours look like?


  1. Depends on the PD, some are repetitive & no new information is given {in my experience, it's the curriculum adoption/programs & technology ones that tend to be a waste}. It is hard to sit all day knowing there is TONS to do too!
    I LOVED all my PD led by Kim Sutton - she is a math guru! I also loved my IB trainings, my Capturing Kids Hearts PD, & Dr. Nikki (also math) was AWESOME! Do you get to give feedback? Maybe you can suggest PD surveys, PD book studies, or even request a PD speaker be brought in.

  2. Do you have any say in your PD options?. As times are changing in terms of curriculum around the world, we need to stand up and make sure we are being prepared. Our schools, districts and government need to support us to teach our kids. I am very lucky in that we do have a say over what PD is run and by whom.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths