Monday, May 6, 2013

Butterflies and Advice

We have butterflies!! Unfortunately, none of them "hatched" when the kids were there to see it. 3 were out when I got to school, and 1 more came out when they were at lunch. 
It was really pretty gross. Especially when the kids kept asking questions about the "blood" in their house, which is actually meconium. This might make me a terrible teacher, but I didn't seize the teaching moment and correct them and explain what meconium was. For now, there are 2 that are definitely alive, 2 that are a maybe, and 2 still in their chrysalis. Hopefully they will be out tomorrow! 

I feel like our class was full of deep conversations today. Lots about the butterflies--the whole death and food chain thing really effects a few of mine. Like to the point of tears. I hate when they cry. But later in the afternoon, I discovered that some of the stuffed animals that live in our library were missing. I saw that one was missing on Friday, then noticed two more missing today! What is happening to my class?! Any advice on how to actually get them back and fix our stealing problem?

I'm off to go work on my sister's graduation present! She is graduating with her Master's in Speech Language Pathology this weekend! Yay Emily!

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  1. Our butterflies hatched today too! We were there to witness 3 births!! Hopefully the other 2 come out to play overnight! Congrats on the 100 follower milestone!

  2. When mine ask about the "blood" I just tell them it's what colors their wings when they are inside the chrysalis. They are pretty satisfied with that answer and no one ever questions! As far as the stealing goes... I've had my share before but don't really have any suggestions. That's a tough one! :(
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties

  3. Mine did the same thing - hatched over the weekend, the kids were pretty disappointed that they didn't get to see it.

    I had a iPod theft this year, it just "melts my butter" that I was stolen from. My parents all went in together to get me a new one, but still doesn't make STEALING okay. I am sad it hasn't turned up!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog - I'm a new follower! Looks like your first year is going GREAT.

    1. Stealing an iPod?! That's so terrible!! But it sounds like you have some great parents!