Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Make It Rain!

Well...I have been the definition of a terrible blogger. But we have been so busy in first grade! 

Last week, another teacher brought chicken eggs to school, so our class went to go see the incubator and learn a little bit about how a chick grows. (I, of course, forget to take any pictures). When we came back on Monday, we had chicks!! Aren't they just the cutest things you have ever seen?! The kiddos were beyond excited!

This week is full of cloud fun--which is perfect because it was super rainy here in Oklahoma last week, and more chances of storms tonight!

I made these little guys to help the angels remember the different kinds of clouds. They turned out pretty darn cute!

Thanks Pinterest for another great idea! How did teachers live before Pinterest?

Today, we did a super fun and simple science experiment about rain. First, we read possibly the cutest book ever.
If you have never read Cloudette, you need to. 

After that, we talked about why a cloud starts to make rain. (In the book, Cloudette holds her breath to get bigger and bigger then rains.)We knew that wasn't true, but we weren't sure why it rained. So we did a little experiment. First, they made predictions. 

{I am actually not sure what this paper says at all! The other picture I had turned out super blurry.}

We filled a plastic container with water and put shaving cream on the top. Then we dripped blue food coloring on the top. We noticed that one drop didn't do anything, but three or four would. Then we realized that more drops were heavier! When a cloud gets heavy, it starts to rain. Such a fun Tuesday! 

I wish I didn't have to blur out their faces in this picture. They were so excited and into this experiment!

Can I also add that I only have 30 days left of school?!?! 30 days! Craziness. How many days of school do you have left?


  1. Such good ideas!! I absolutely love those clouds you made for the wall! (amen to pinterest!) Happy the kiddos loved their new chicks!!

    The Army Wife Teacher

  2. I love the clouds you made! We just put our eggs in our incubator last week! I candled one today...and we have chicks growing. I can't wait until they hatch! I am your newest follower! Thanks for finding me. :)
    First Grade Funtastic

    1. I wish our class could have hatched our own chicks this year! Maybe next year--as long as I can find someone else to take them when they've hatched!