Friday, September 21, 2012

Behavior Management

At the beginning of the year, I decided that our class needed something for positive behavior. I looked at MILLIONS of ideas on Pinterest (the place where all of my ideas come from), but I wanted it to go along with our ocean theme. So this is what I came up with--a fishbowl!

For everytime our whole class is working hard, complimented, receives a good report from specials, etc., they get a scoop of fish in the fishbowl. Once our bowl is full, we get a prize! It might be that everyone gets something from the treasure chest, or we get to have a special snack in the afternoon. Either way, everytime I go to fill up the fishbowl, the students get so excited! And they are even better for the rest of the day to see if they can get two scoops!

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  1. I bet your students love watching that bowl get fuller and fuller! Great idea!
    The Hive

    1. Thank you! They do love it! Your bee themed chip chart is adorable!

  2. How cute of you to match this up with your ocean theme! Love it!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!!
    -Natalie and Rachelle