Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Week Crazies

I feel like I have now had 4 first days of school. I had hoped that by this point, 
my kids would at least know to take the things out of their backpack before they put it in their locker. But we are just not there yet.

Some good news: 
I have been assessing my kids to see where we are starting, and we are in great shape!

I only have 22 little angels in my class! (The kinder teachers in my building all have 28 or 29--too many! Say some prayers that they can add another teacher to their team!)

Everyone in my building is wonderful. My team has been extremely helpful and the rest of the staff always make me feel welcome.

The bad news:
My kids remember nothing from one day to the other. You would think I got a new set of students every day. I guess they just aren't in the school mindset yet!

My kids think they are outside 90% of the day--running, jumping, and spinning in circles for no reason! That made my comfy, relaxing reading area go from looking like this...

to this.

I guess I should have known that it wouldn't last long. We'll see if I get around to putting it back up anytime soon!

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